Six Elmira Correctional Employees Injured By Prisoners

April 21, 2022

From NYSCOPBA: A sergeant and five officers were injured at Elmira Correctional Facility after two separate attacks at the maximum security prison last week.

The first incident occurred on Thursday, April 14. An officer observed an inmate at one of the facility kiosks without permission. The officer ordered the inmate to leave the kiosk and return to his cell. The inmate ignored the officer’s orders, suddenly turned and struck the officer in the face. The officer immediately grabbed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the ground. Once on the ground and contained, the inmate became compliant. He was removed from the area and placed in a Special Housing Unit pending disciplinary charges.

The inmate, 25, is serving a 10 year sentence after being convicted in Kings County for Assault 1st and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance 4th in 2017.

The officer sustained abrasions and swelling to his face. He was treated by facility medical staff and remained on duty.

The second assault occurred the following day. An inmate, already in a Special Housing Unit on disciplinary measures, made a suicidal gesture to a sergeant by swallowing small pieces of his feed tray cover and taking a piece of it and putting it against his neck. The sergeant ordered the cell door opened and five officers entered the cell. Before staff could contain the inmate, the inmate struck one officer in the face. The officers grabbed the inmate in a body hold and removed the piece of tray cover from his hand.

Still combative and attempting to kick officers, he was placed in handcuffs and removed from the cell.

During an escort to the infirmary, the inmate pulled away from two officers, spit and struck the sergeant in the body, and struck an officer in the face. Staff immediately grabbed him in body holds and forced him to the ground. Once on the ground, he became compliant again.

The inmate, 27, is serving a six year sentence after being convicted in Westchester County in 2018 for Strangulation 2nd, Attempted Robbery 2nd and Burglary 3rd.

He faces disciplinary charges in the attack.

Four officers and a sergeant were injured in the incident. One officer sustained a concussion, left eye abrasion and back pain. He was treated at an outside hospital for his injuries. He did not return to duty.

The sergeant and three other officers were treated by facility medical staff for shoulder, hand, swelling and abrasions and small laceration to an arm. They remained on duty.

“The violence in our prisons are at such high levels, that staff are now resigned to the fact that each day they enter a facility there is a greater chance of them getting attacked and injured than not. That is simply unacceptable for the men and women who swore to protect and serve our communities. All HALT has done is weaken an already failed disciplinary system that does not protect our members. Yet, here we stand reporting two more assaults without any meaningful action taken by our elected officials to protect staff. That is simply not acceptable. ” – stated Kenny Gold , NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President.