Slight Tax Increase for Hornellsville

Hornellsville – Slight Tax Increase for 2014
November 13, 2013

HORNELLSVILLE, N.Y.- The Hornellsville town board convened tonight on the agenda, a public hearing for the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2014. The budget proposal which calls for slight increase in taxes, approximately ten cents per $1000.00 on the assessed value of property, as reported in the Hornell evening tribune on October 23,2013. The raise is a protective measure for the coming end of revenue generated by the payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) from the Wal Mart / Wegmans plaza. The budget proposal was adopted unanimously by the town board.

Other items on the agenda included the passing of the contracts between the town and the North Hornell fire department, which lasts for five years with the option to renegotiate in event of rising costs, and the South Hornell fire department which is in effect for the term of two years. The two contracts were passed unanimously by the town board. Supervisor Isaman remarked that even though Do it best has closed it’s doors for business, the good news is the Advanced Transit Manufacturing is taking over the buildings to relocate their operation to the Hornellsville site which could mean an increase in job opportunities for the area. The board rapidly passed local law #2-2013 which was an override on the tax levy, also the town road preservation law was passed unanimously in a speedy fashion, which seemed to be the theme for tonight’s meeting, bucking the national trend of obstacles, and gridlock.