Speed Officially Removed From Hornell Police Dept.

October 1, 2015

HORNELL N.Y.- Mayor Shawn Hogan called a special meeting with the City Board of Public Safety Thursday morning to formally discharge Jennifer Speed from her position as a Police officer for the City of Hornell. Former Officer Speed was discharged from her duties as a result of being convicted of first degree tampering with public records, which is a felony. Speed was indicted on six felony counts by a grand jury in December of 2013, accusing her of stealing $15,000 from the evidence room of the Hornell City Police Department. Mayor Hogan noted that a criminal conviction disqualifies a person from being Police Officer in the City of Hornell Police Department.

Police Chief Ted Murray explained that some of the procedures for evidence has been “tightened up” to avoid something like this happening again within the department, while Mayor Hogan remarked that it was a sad chapter and an unfortunate situation Hogan also said that at this time no replacement has been made but will most likely happen within thirty to sixty days from this time.

Mayor Hogan told WLEA that the $15,000 that will be paid back in restitution as part Speed’s plea deal, will go to the District Attorney’s office as the money was part of a previous criminal case against Steven Brockway, that case has been adjudicated with the defendant being convicted and sentenced to prison. Hogan added that if the District Attorney’s office had not requested the money as evidence for the criminal case against Steven Brockway, they would of not known that the money was missing. Originally the money was to be used to pay for medical bills that had been incurred as a result of a stabbing of the victim in the Brockway case.