St. James Gives 2.3 Million A Year To CHE/Trinity

December 15 2014
HORNELL, NY – St. James Hospital has claimed that they operate in spite of a four million dollar loss a year. However, Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan has learned that St. James pays 2.3 million a year to their parent company, Trinity Health. “It looks like St. James, in reviewing their financials, they pay 2.3 million dollars per year to CHE (Catholic Health East)/ Trinity Health to be a member of that system,” Hogan told WLEA News. “So if we’re not going to be a member of that system any more, you take that 2.3 million away, that automatically cuts the four million dollar loss per year, by more than half,” said Hogan.

St. James is owned by CHE/Trinity Health, which merged with Catholic Health East in 2013. Sources tell WLEA News that Trinity Health’s agreement with St. James ends on March 15, 2015.

Mayor Hogan appeared on this morning’s newsmaker show.  Click here to listen, Hogan’s segment starts at 9:46 minutes into the segment, and Hogan’s statement about the 2.3 million starts at about 16:52.