St James Hospital Channels

St. James Has Two New Channels

December 30, 2013

HORNELL, NY – St. James Mercy Hospital spokesperson Linda Blauers announced today that the hospital has new two new online channels, that can also be seen on televisions inside the hospital.

“The Patient Channel and Newborn Channel are now available in patient rooms and online to the public,” said Blauers.

The Patient Channel covers a wide range of topics including asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, smoking cessation, health/wellness and other topics. Programming on The Newborn Channel includes breastfeeding, child safety, baby and mom wellness, child development and more. New programs are added throughout the year.

Access to The Patient Channel is on TV channel 7 in SJMH patient rooms or by visiting
www.ThePatientChannelNow.com, and entering the passcode 06802.

The Newborn Channel is on TV channel 46 in patient rooms
or by visiting www.thenewbornchannelnow.com, and entering the password 06802.