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St. James Is Selling McAuley Manor

St. James Is Selling McAuley Manor
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May 21, 2014

HORNELL, NY – St. James Hospital issued the following statement:

St. James Mercy Health System announced today it is pursuing the sale of its long-term care facility, McAuley Manor at Mercycare, as part of its transformation to an ambulatory-care focused system. The hospital also said it plans to relocate three ventilator-dependent residents from their location at McAuley Manor, with eventual closure of the unit.

“We value the residents and employees of McAuley Manor, and we will work hard to
minimize the impact of the potential sale on them,” said Jennifer Sullivan, president and
CEO, St. James Mercy Health System. “Ultimately, as part of our transformation, we know
McAuley Manor will be best served by an organization that specializes in long-term care and
can ensure the residents and their families continue to receive the high quality care our
employees provide today.

“For the ventilator unit at McAuley Manor, once we find new homes for the three residents,
we will close the unit,” Sullivan said. “There is very little demand for the chronic ventilator
service at McAuley Manor, and we can no longer afford to offer this service.”

As part of the relocation of residents and closure of the ventilator unit, St. James Mercy
Hospital will submit a Certificate of Need (CON) application to the New York State
Department of Health, seeking approval of the unit closure.

The sale of McAuley Manor is expected to take several months, according to St. James
Mercy officials.

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