State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Visits Hornell

​August 12, 2015
ag and hogan best

HORNELL, NY- Mayor Shawn Hogan had a visit from the New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman Wednesday afternoon for a round table discussion about zombie, or abandoned houses.
A law that Schneiderman wants passed, would help communities that are plagued with abandoned houses, making banks or lenders responsible for these delinquent properties when they are deemed abandoned rather than waiting for them to be foreclosed on which is a lengthy process.
The A.G. also noted that the bill would make the lending institutions pay for the upkeep on these types of properties while this process takes place, saving the communities such as Hornell money and time. Hogan said that as it is now, the city takes on the responsibility of mowing the yards and shoveling the sidewalks of these properties while they are in limbo.
State Attorney General Schneiderman is visiting communities such as Jamestown, Hornell, Corning, Elmira and Binghamton on the I-86 corridor drumming up support for the bill which will help communities struggling with this housing crisis.

Mayor Hogan spoke about Hornell’s efforts to fight the Zombie House problem, noting that this legislation would be very helpful, and praising the AG. “He’s truly a champion of the people,” Hogan said. “And he has our undying gratitude.”

Update, 6:20am: Hornell Deputy Mayor John Buckley issued the following statement:
“I fully support Attorney General Schneiderman’s efforts to combat the ongoing problem of “Zombie” properties in the City of Hornell and across the state. Zombie properties blight neighborhoods and strain city resources.”

Deputy Mayor
John Buckley