State Comptroller Audits Hornellsville Board

Hornellsville Town Hall Audited
May 29 2014

The Town of Hornellsville has been audited by the State Comptroller’s Office. In the 28 page report, the comptrollers office criticized the Hornellsville Town Board for not overseeing the town’s financial operations. Town Clerk Sheryl Isaman was also noted for some book keeping and record keeping problems, and for not modernizing things around the office.

Town Supervisor Ken Isaman says that Hornellsville Town Hall will make changes. “Our last audit was in 1999,” Isaman told WLEA News. “We haven’t changed any procedures and policies except for very few, for prevention of violence in the workplace, and that sort of thing. But our accounting procedures have stayed the same.”

The comptroller’s report noted that the clerk and former deputy clerk cashed checks at the Town Hall, 11 times in a four year period. Town Supervisor Isaman tells WLEA that the checks were for $15.00 or $20.00, and that there was no loss of money to taxpayers because the money was reimbursed. “If a place (bank) wasn’t open and they needed cash to do something personally,” Isaman told WLEA, “they’d write a check to the town for $15.00 or $20.00, and take the cash out of the cash bag.” Isaman also noted there was nothing illegal about that, which the state comptroller’s office also noted, that it was not illegal. “The audit proved, at the end, that our policies and procedures are the same as they have been. We are going to change and upgrade them, we are discussing computer updates,” said Isaman.

Isaman also says that the Hornellsville Town Board and clerk’s office will comply to make the needed changes, as requested by the state comptroller.

​Click here to read the comptroller’s full report on Hornellsville.