State Comptroller Dinapoli Visits Hornell


September 20, 2018

HORNELL, NY – State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli was in Hornell meeting with local Democrats last night at the Main Place, on Main Street.  Dinapoli spoke of how he is up for election in November, and how the state comptroller’s office is a steadying and stable force in New York State government.  He talked about how the state retirement system is well intact, and also on how the teachers retirement system is in excellent condition.  “I love being in this part of the state,” Dinapoli said.  “We’re reminding voters that we play an important role in the day to day life of taxpayers here in the southern tier.”  Dinapoli, who has been State Comptroller since 2007, also talked about how a major part of his job is auditing schools, towns, villages and cities, and also the retirement system for New York State.  

Dinapoli, during his conversation with local Democrat supporters, noted the importance of the teachers retirement system.  “We have a seat on the Teachers Retirement Board, that governs that teachers retirements, and I’m sole trustee/sole fudiciary for the state employees retirement system. Both those systems are among the best funded pension plans, anywhere in the country.  So whether it’s teachers, or a government worker, working on the road crew or at the library or at city hall, their pensions, unlike so many other states, are well funded and secure for the future.”