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State Democrat Chair Jay Jacobs: GOP Wants To Impeach Cuomo But Not Trump

February 18, 2021

Republican Assembly’s Call For Impeachment Defies Credulity

LONG ISLAND, NY: New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay S. Jacobs has released the following statement:

“The NYS Republican Assembly leadership call for Governor Cuomo’s impeachment less than a week after their Party’s failure to support impeachment & conviction for Donald Trump defies credulity. To be clear, Governor Cuomo is accused of failing to timely release data on deaths that occurred in nursing homes. No matter how one looks at it, not one more person lost their life because of any delay in statistical reporting after the fact and not one more person contracted COVID-19. Moreover, there isn’t a shred of criminality and the Republicans know it.

While a Republican President spent months minimizing the pandemic and threatening to short change New York when it came to PPEs, these same Republicans sat silent. While a Republican President spent 11 weeks lying to the nation about a “stolen election,” Minority Leader Will Barclay could not be found. Then, when that Republican President was found to have fomented an insurrection against the government, according to his own Party’s Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, resulting in the deaths of three police officers with many others wounded, Barclay issued no statement.

Now, while casting a blind eye to the gross malfeasance of the President of his own Party, Barclay and the Assembly Republicans have the gross audacity to attack a Governor who has spent the last year working vigilantly to save lives as New York has been under attack from a worldwide pandemic. Instead of fixating on post-event reporting, had Barclay and the Assembly Republicans been half as attentive to Trump’s handling of the pandemic, which he long referred to as nothing but a “Democrat hoax,” perhaps lives could have actually been saved in real time.”

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