State Health Dept to Visit HFD Today

August 9th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – At Thursday mornings Board of Public Safety meeting, Fire Chief Dan Smith announced that the NYS Health Dept will be visiting the Fire Station and do a major inspection. “They go through everything; equipment, trucks, and the entire facility and give everything a thorough examination. We are prepared and expect some good things to come out of it,” explained Smith.

Also Smith and Mayor John Buckley praised the rapid response in putting out a kitchen fire at 296 Grand Street last Thursday night. Smith said they were able to contain it to the kitchen and prevent it from traveling to the second floor. According to the Smith, the house is salvageable with minor smoke and water damage. The only casualty was a dog that was in the kitchen in a cage.

Police Chief Ted Murray gave an update on the progress of the two new police hires. Patrolman Rob Donovan has finished his field training and will soon start his shift from 3pm to 11pm. Patrolman Mike Losecco starts schooling on August 13th in Elmira and soon after will begin his field training.

Murray also noted that the K-9 unit may soon be up and running as they are actively searching for a vehicle for transporting the dog and are coming across some good deals.

The meeting finished with Buckley again acknowledging the work of the police department in making the city one of the safest in NYS and expressing how great it is to raise a family and live in this community.