State Lawmakers React To Alstom News

September 21, 2015
ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Bill Nojay, Phil Palmesano, State Senator Tom O’Mara and State Senator Cathy Young issued the following statements about Alstom in
Hornell working out the deal with Amtrak,
a 2.5 billion dollar deal that is predicted to create 400 new jobs for Hornell, and 350 or more other jobs in other parts of New York State:
Nojay: “This begins an historic turnaround, not only for Alstom but for the people of Hornell.”
“This is fantastic news for the Hornell community and all the workers and families for whom Alstom has been a lifeline for so long. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to join Congressman Reed, Mayor Hogan and other community leaders to make the case for Alstom and the quality of our workforce across the Southern Tier. Hundreds of new manufacturing jobs and the scale of this economic activity overall will go a long way toward turning things around in this region,” said Palmesano.
“Great, great news for Alstom’s workers and their families, the city of Hornell and our entire region. It’s an unbelievable testament to the
quality of Alstom and its employees, as well as to the perseverance of
Congressman Reed, Mayor Hogan and so many community leaders. We’re hopeful that it’s going to make a huge difference for the future of
economic development across the Southern Tier.”
“This is huge news and it’s a homerun for all of the families and our communities all across the southern tier. The fact that we can keep the jobs that we have and grow new ones really is welcome news, and it’s going to make sure that Alstom is sustainable not only now, but into the future.”