State Legislators Do A Lot of Driving

August 21, 2016

State lawmakers spend quite a bit of time driving back and forth to the state capital in Albany, and drive all the way back home afterwards. Those elected state officials also travel a lot around their legislative districts frequently, on nights and weekends for political events, meetings with school and other local officials, as well as meeting with the public.

Recently, the Democrat and Chronicle did a story on how much state lawmakers from all over New York Statek, are reimbursed for travel expenses.
Here’s what the Democrat and Chronicle’s numbers on our region’s officials, for the first two quarters of this year:

Senator Tom O’Mara was reimbursed for $15,500 in travel expenses this year, Senator Cathy Young, almost $14,000, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, $13,000, Assemblyman Nojay $12,000, Assemblyman Joe Giglio, spent and was reimbursed $9,000, on travel expenses for the first two quarters of this year.

The state legislator who was reimbursed for the largest amount of money, was an assemblywoman from just outside of New York City, Assemblywoman Vivian Cook who was reimbursed for $20,246 for travel expenses.

Click here to see Gannet’s database on state lawmwker’s reimbursement amounts.