Statement From Hornell Area Arts Council

February 22, 2015

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell Arts Council has issued the following press release:

The Hornell Area Arts Council wishes to share some of the thoughts and ideas that were bounced around at our most recent Board Meeting. Guests in attendance as well as the “regulars” have cemented our resolve to create a community that supports its artists, acts in the artistic interests of our villages and towns, and works collaboratively with other organizations in making the Hornell area a recognizable hot spot for creativity.

The mission of the Hornell Area Arts Council is to promote the arts in the greater Hornell region, to present a variety of arts events and opportunities, and to create a greater awareness of the value of the arts.
To that end, the Hornell Area Arts Council wishes to proclaim to all creative entities in Hornell and the surrounding towns that we are re-focusing and fine-tuning our efforts. Our goal is to continually reach out to the various groups in the area who share our mission. From musicians and singers to performers and woodworkers, the Hornell Area Arts Council wants you to know what we are here for you. We wish to collaborate with you and partner with you in your ventures.
As the longest running Not-for-Profit Arts entity in the area, it is our hope that instead of working alone, the diverse groups in the area come together as often as we can to share, assist, and join forces in a way that creates a cohesive and seamless arts community. While each arts entity may be small, and while each of us individually have busy lives and precious spare time, if we make a concerted effort to reach out to each other, anything is possible.
It’s been easier and habitual for the unique creative groups to put their noses to the ground and just do their own thing with as few people and hours as possible. The Hornell Area Arts Council includes itself in that style of production. But we believe the time has come to truly band together and start making the incredible ideas from incredible artists come alive. We all have our own dreams and goals. Perhaps it’s a rental studio for artists, a performance space for drama groups, a permanent classroom for art instruction, or simply more fund-raising ideas. Many hands will make not “light” work, but “better” work.
The Hornell Area Arts Council meets on the second Wednesday of every month on the second floor of 111 Loder. The public is most welcome to join us. We are always looking for new volunteers, members, or Directors of the Board. Our organization has experienced some disappointing losses in 2014, but we hope to bounce back in an amazing way for 2015. Individuals who may have specific skills sets such as advertising & marketing, social networking, legal knowledge, or art instruction are encouraged to contact us if you’d like to devote a couple of hours each month in our mission.

Please follow us on Facebook, visit our site, or email us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Douglas P. Sciorra, President
Valerie Holler, Vice President
Shelly Stevens, Secretary
Amy McManus Mikołajczyk, Treasurer/Galleries
Valarie Davidsen, Board Director

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