Statement From Paul Van Caeseele

November 10, 2022

I want to thank the people of Hornell and Steuben County for coming out strong to vote republican. I also want to congratulate Joe McKay, winner of the Hornell 3rd Ward Alderman race and of course our City Judge, Judge Dave Coddington. Hornell is a better place with the election of those 2 candidates.

The residents of this district have done their part in repudiating the present failing policy that has been forced on them by the over-reaching democrat ran administrations. And although the red wave was not as intense as predicted, it looks like the republicans will regain the house and it appears the fate of the senate may come down to a republican leaning run-off race in Georgia on December 6th. Republicans made gains in NYS as well and Zeldin did a magnificent job raising enough support to create a historically close race for NY governor.

Unfortunately, it seems as though much of the downstate elite and woke-ridden democrats in liberal cities did not feel that the economic and criminal burden was heavy enough to push him across the finish line. That being said, we will continue our local campaign to hold true to our values to make sure that Woke never feels at home here.

Paul VanCaeseele
Hornell Republican Party Chairman