Steuben Co Warns Of Possible Wildfires

September 24, 2020

From The County Office Of Emergency Services:

The Steuben County Office of Emergency Services Expresses Concern over Dry Conditions
BATH – Steuben County emergency officials warn residents warm temperatures with brisk
winds and very dry conditions have combined to increase wildfire potential in the county.
“With the lack of rain this summer, the forest floor has become very dry and vulnerable to fire,”
said county Director of Emergency Services Tim Marshall. “The major concern at this time is
unprotected timber and brush lots as well as dry tall grassy areas.”
Marshall said Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers and local volunteer
firefighters have responded to an increasing number of brush fires during the past weekend.
Many of these fires were caused by careless burning, he said.
“With the fall season comes unpredictable winds and fall heat waves,” he said. “These winds
can spread a fire or hot embers to areas of unexposed brush quickly, causing the fire to spread
Marshall urged hunters and hikers are to use caution while in the woods and reminded
residents open fires should not be left unattended.