Steuben County Might Start Providing Security Guards For Town Courts

June 22, 2017

BATH, NY – Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says he’s gotten requests from the Dansville and Hornellsville courts, for the county to provide courtroom security, and this will be taken up on Monday, June 26, at the Steuben County Legislative meeting. County lawmakers will then consider a shared services agreement to provide security for town courts.

Sheriff Jim Allard said the agreement calls for a trained and qualified law enforcement officer to be present at the request of a town or village justice during standard court hours. Each town’s court that is requesting the security would pay an hourly rate for the service, based on the individual officer’s overtime rate, according to Sheriff Allard. “I think it is a win-win for everyone,” Allard said. “If they want to pay for those services, we can provide those services and it keeps the courts secure.”

County legislative spokesperson Mary Perham says that the agreement is one item on a packed agenda for the Steuben Legislature when it meets on

Other items on the agenda include:
Setting up an optional shared services agreement with any towns using Steuben’s tax collection software to allow town taxpayers to pay current year taxes via credit card. Existing convenience fees would be paid by the taxpayer using the service. * Accepting $863,000 from the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to develop, consolidate and/or improve public safety communications for first responders. *Authorizing the Commissioner of Public Works to implement the following tipping fees: $10 per ton for low-moderate strength leachate and $15 per ton for high strength leachate. If approved by the county Legislature, the fees will become effective July 1. * Accepting a $750,000 Community Development Block Grant to install water and sewer improvements for the Woodlands project in Hornellsville. * Reappointing members to the Corning Community College Regional Board of Trustees.