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Steuben County To Get It’s Share From The NYS Opoid Settlement Lawsuit

August 23, 2023

BATH, NY – Steuben County Manager Jack Wheeler says the county will be getting a portion of the money that the state won in a lawsuit against drug manufacturers over the opiod addiction crisis. “We have receieved some direct settlements, but the state has receieved some direct (county) settlements, but New York State has receieved the largest amount, due to the state’s size,” Wheeler told WVIN. “For the current fiscal year, we’re going to receieve about half a million dollars. The Steuben County Legislature has had a lot of discussion about this, and decided to issue a request for proposals, for agencies involved in substance use treatment, and mental health services, and have them tell the county what additional services could be provided.”

County Manager Jack Wheeler also says the requests for proposals have been sent out and the county is waiting to hear back from the various offices and agencies.

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