Steuben County To Have Online Memorial Service

May 13, 2020

From Steuben County:

Law enforcement officers from across the region will recognize the sacrifices of their comrades during the annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service set for noon Friday (May 15) through a Facebook Live Feed hosted at the Steuben County Public Safety Building. County Sheriff Jim Allard said the annual event – first proposed by former county Sheriff David Cole and set in place six years ago – will follow social distancing guidance set forth by the state Department of Health during the COVID-19 pandemic. “For almost 225 years, men and women in law enforcement have put themselves in harm’s way to protect the people here. Sadly, a number of them let nothing stand in their way of protecting others and have given their lives,” said county Sheriff Jim Allard. “And nothing will stand in our
way of recognizing and honoring their sacrifice.”

The Live Feed on Facebook will be held on