Still Unanswered Questions on the Possible Fire District in Canisteo

Canisteo, NY – Canisteo Town Supervisor Steve Weed gave an update on the possible fire district Monday night and he actually had more unanswered questions than answers.

“The Mayor (Bill Tucker) has come to me two or three times, called me, and he seems to be in a hurry to get this going before a certain time frame,” said Weed. He went on to say he was not sure why and maybe town attorney Karl Anderson could explain it better. Anderson suggested that the village would like to form the district, or see who wants to form it, on or around the general elections in November so they could have the referendum simultaneously. Anderson does not think that is going to happen.

“Mayor Tucker has been working on this since spring and he still hasn’t been able to get the numbers on how much each town would have to pay compared to what they are paying now.” Tucker told the village board last week that he is having troubles determining what residences lie in what district and it will be hard to present concrete numbers until it’s figured out. “Bill would like to get this thing figured out as soon as possible and also make sure it’s as fair as possible and everybody has input,” said Anderson, “I’m not sure were going to get this done before budget time so we should plan on figuring the budget as if this did not exist.