Sunset Officially in the Hands of the IDA

June 9, 2017

HORNELL, NY – At yesterday’s monthly IDA meeting it was announced that the final papers are about to be signed and the old Sunset restaurant will officially be in the hands of the Hornell IDA.

“If anyone here is thinking about starting a restaurant, we will be happy to sell it to you,” said a joking IDA Director Jim Griffin, “but in all seriousness they were going out of business anyway and we seen the opportunity purchase it for an expanding Alstom Manufacturing.”

According to Griffin, Alstom plans on running a 3000 foot test track immediately adjacent to the building, and they plan on purchasing all or some of the property for that purpose.

The new track will run right up next to the building but will not affect the actual structure, stopping just short. The track will be so close as to make any future plans about reopening the building as an eatery obsolete, so a decision will have to be made sometime in the future about what to do with it.