The Latest On The Four GOP Candidates For Governor

June 17, 2022

Guiliani Update:
GOP gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani will gather with Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa and health freedom advocates at a press conference Sunday morning to protest vaccine mandates that continue to discriminate against first responders and healthcare workers. The group will be standing outside of NY1, which is now the second news network to bar Giuliani from participating in Monday’s night’s upcoming debate in-person because of his vaccination status — an unexpected decision because only seven weeks ago, Giuliani was welcomed into the studio for an in-person interview with anchor Pat Kiernan. Guiliani will be in the debate, on video, from another room, ouside of the studio where the other candidates will be.

Zelin Update:
The New York Post Editorial Board endorsed Congressman Lee Zeldin for governor. Congressman Zeldin said, “There are few things that are more quintessentially New York, nothing that better captures the pulse of New York and no one that has more iconic headlines and content than the New York Post. It’s an honor to have earned the support of its esteemed Editorial Board in this rescue mission to Save Our State.” “Rep. Lee Zeldin is our pick,” the New York Post Editorial Board said. “Knowing how tough it would be to win in a state where Democrats badly outnumber Republicans, he jumped in early, and decisively, building support across the state and a solid war chest.”

Astorino Update:
The Buffalo News just endorsed ROB ASTORINO in the Republican Primary for governor. “Astorino claims to be the most qualified and most electable of the four Republicans running. He’s right.” – The Buffalo News

Wilson Update:
Republican candidate for governor Harry Wilson has two tv commercials just out: