The Races We’re Watching In The Election

November 6, 2017
updated at 1:16pm to reflect the Ron Kennell candidacy

Tomorrow is election day, Tuesday, November 7th. Below is the list of races we’re keeping a close eye on for you:

ALFRED TOWN BOARD – Republican Dan Acton is running for supervisor, and there are three candidates running for two Alfred Town Council seats: Democrat Chris Romanchuck, and Republicans William Cleveland and Matt Snyder. Also in Alfred, Wende Bush is running for town justice and John Billings is running for highway superintendent.

Local Races in Steuben County:

HORNELL COMMON COUNCIL – In Hornell, you have the three way mayoral race. The candidates are Republican John Buckley, the Green Party candidate Joe Duffy and Independent candidate John Lewis. Also in Hornell, there are contested races in wards 4, 5 and 9.

4th ward – Republican Norm McCumiskey vs Democrat Rich Argentieri
5th ward – Democrat Eugene Greeley vs Republican Dan Warinner
9th ward – Democrat Ron Nasca vs Republican Steve Shinebarger

HORNELLSVILLE TOWN BOARD – two candidates are seeking the town clerk’s position, as Sheryl Isaman is not running again. The two write-in candidates are Sharon Ames and Jessica LaFrance, and Ron Kennell is on the ballot as a town board member candidate (Kennell is an incumbent). There is also a town board seat that was vacated by the newly appointed Hornellsville Town Supervisor Dan Broughton. Broughton’s Hornellsville Town Board seat is being sought by June Pieklo and David Oakes.

CANISTEO TOWN BOARD – two council races, the candidates are Gerald Stewart and Bruce Jamison.

HARTVILLE TOWN BOARD – Republican John Bowles vs. Working Together Party candidate Duane Howe are the Supervisor candidates. There is also a three way race for town clerk between Vivian Woodworth, Kay Miles and Catherine Smith. The Hartsville town council seat candidates are Randy Amidon, Jerry Bush, Russell Gerow, Larry Newhart, Maddie Parini and Rodney Caward. Seeking the Hartsville Highway Superintendent’s job, are Darwin Miles and Buddy Getman. In the Hartsville Town Justice race, it’s Katherine Burdick and Stuart Perks.

FREMONT TOWN BOARD – There are no contested races…
DANSVILLE TOWN BOARD – Democrat Michael Freeman and Republican Michael Willis are running for town supervisor. There is also a three way race for two Dansville Town Board seats, between Democrat Timothy Bailey, and Republicans Shelly Stauring and Theodore Robinson.

STEUBEN COUNTY COUNTYWIDE RACES – the two big county wide races are the county family judge’s race, that Republican Phil Roche is running in. Also, the surrogate court judge race, that Pat McAllister is running for.

STATE WIDE PROPS: the constitutional convention, the prop on taking away pensions from officials convicted of a felony, and the prop on the state being able to take forest land.