Times Union Series Of Stories About Lee Zeldin

August 16, 2022

The Albany Times Union has been doing a hard hitting series of new stories about Congressman Lee Zeldin. The stories focus on the fact that Zeldin had over 10,000 signatures on a political petition rejected, allegedly, because they were photocopied signatures.

In the latest report, the TU says that Jessica Proud, secretary of the New York State Republican Party, says, the 10,000 signatures that were photocopied to get Congressman Lee Zeldin on the ballot for the governor’s race, were photocopied at the New York State Republican Party Headquarters in Albany. The Times Union, which has been hitting Lee Zeldin hard on this story lately, the Times Union says Jessica Proud did not say who, made the photocopies. State Senator Myrie of New York City, a Democrat on the state senate elections committee, wants the Albany County district attorney to prosecute Zeldin on this. If Zeldin is convicted, he would not be eligible to run for governor any longer.

Statement from Steuben County GOP Chair Joe Sempolinski: “I think that what the Democrats should really be worried about is the skyrocketing crime rate in New York State which was caused by their failing policies. I think the voters will make clear, in November, which issues are most important in their daily lives.”