Town of Hornellsville News

         Planning Board Member  Ed Flaitz

October 8th, 2019

ARKPORT, NY – The Hornellsville Town Board met Tuesday evening after taking September off and passed one resolution. The Town will now have an Accrued Liability Fund (Reserved Fund) to pay an employee benefit in the case of termination or retirement of services. The benefit will contain a monetary compensation for any accumulated sick leave, personal leave, holiday pay, vacation pay, or any other pay that the employee accumulated and be available to the employee after they leave their position.

In other news, Ron Kennell reported that the Town Justices brought in $9,377 in August and $13,084 in September for a total of $22,461 in court fines and fees. Of that Total the town’s portion will be $5,020 and the rest will go to the county and state.

Sharon Ames, the Town Clerk, report the following revenue from licenses or certificates; 13 sport, 39 dog, 1 logging, 6 death, 4 marriage, 1 birth, and 9 building permits for a total of $2,924.

And finally Town Supervisor Dan Broughton was happy to announce that the Planning Board is finally full with 5 members with the addition of Ed Flaitz of Hornell. Flaitz takes over immediately and remain on the board until December 31st, 2023.