Tracy Mitrano Issues Statement – Re: Don’t Open Businesses Back Too Soon

March 26, 2020

PENN YAN, NY – From Democrat Congrsesional Candidate Tracy Mitrano:

At least 310 deaths have been reported in New York state, which currently has over 33,000 cases and counting.

While District NY23 Congressman Tom Reed echoes President Trump calling for a reopening of commerce much sooner than public health officials advise, and treating this epidemic as if the virus adheres to man-made boundaries, Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano (D-Penn Yan) cautions that ignoring the advice of medical experts is not in the public’s best interest.

“Health and safety first, guided by evidence-based research and medical science,” she said, “This is what will serve our long-term economic health. Let’s not put the cart before the horse.”

She continued, “If I were in Congress today, I would prioritize health and safety, which means using the federal government to prompt the manufacturing and coordination needed for medical equipment and expedited training of technicians. Drawing on the lessons of the epidemic in Asia and Europe, we can predict the viral path and use all of our resources to care for people when and where we need it.”

With respect to the stimulus bill making its way through Congress, Mitrano urges lawmakers to keep the focus on the people and small business. “Now is not the time to play lobbying games. People who are out of work, under-employed, or recently laid off, people who are without healthcare insurance or who have at risk conditions, and families who rely on school lunch and backpack programs for basic nutrition, as well as small businesses which create 48% of our workforce should be our focus, not big corporations that squandered the tax break, have big bank accounts, and access to private credit.”

She concluded, “Fear-mongering, fomenting division among us, and pretending our way out of this crisis, are political tactics that have no place in this moment. This epidemic teaches us that we are all in this together. And together we should work toward getting past it and onto a better path for a bright, prosperous future.”