Trooper Called In To Hartsville Meeting Last Night

March 2 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – Hartsville Town Supervisor and Hartsville resident Larry Newhart, don’t see eye to eye on the topic of wind farms in Hartsville, and have argued on this topic numerous times at town hall meetings over the years. At the Wednesday night Hartsville special meeting, during a several minute rant from the wife of former town board member Ron Amidon, Larry Newhart mumbled something inaudible.

Immediately, Town Supervisor John Bowles told Newhart to leave, and Newhart refused.
bowles attempts to eject
Then Supervisor Bowles went into a room at the town hall, dialed a number, and closed the door.

About four minutes later, Larry Newhart left the Hartsville Town meeting.
newhart leaves
18 minutes after that, a New York State Police Officer came to the Hartsville Town Hall.
trooper shows up at meeting
The trooper spoke with Supervisor Bowles both outdoors, and in town clerk’s office.

bowles and trooper talk

The trooper left the town hall, about 15 minutes after that.

As of this posting, at 10:08 this morning, Larry Newhart says that he never received a phone call or visit from the New York State Police. Newhart questioned the need for police involvement, saying that Mrs. Amidon was much more confrontational than he (Newhart) was. Newhart told WLEA News that what he had said, was that it was not about the road crew, it was about wind. “I wasn’t confrontational, I made a statement,” Newhart said. “It wasn’t loud, it wasn’t boistrous, it was in a civil tone.”

“Newhart was being very confrontational and very uncivil with his voice,” Hartsville Supervisor John Bowles stated. “The state trooper suggested that if Mr. Newhart comes back, that I let him in, and advise him that any further disruption on his part, that I have the right to have him arrested for trespass.”