Troopers Charge Hornell Police Officer For Allegedly Mishandling Evidence

April 13, 2018

HORNELL, NY – State Police report that Hornell Police Officer Jason Day has been charged for allegedly mishandling evidence in a case several years ago. The charges against Day are official misconduct and offering a false instrument for filing.

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker says that what happened was, while working on a case that happened several years ago, Officer Day took a shortcut while handling weapons, which were part of evidence in a case. The D.A. acknowledged that he is not happy about having to prosecute Officer Day, and Baker says it is not a case of corruption, or stealing, or anything like that. “This is a difficult situation for all of us, Jason Day is a well respected and well liked member of the law enforcement community,” Baker told Wlea News. “The allegations here are primarily that he took some shortcuts with some evidence, and did not do some things that were required as part of his duties. Maybe, he avoided some additional work that would have gone with that and because of that, some evidence, some handguns were not properly accounted for, and it’s created some significant issues for some people, including him,” Baker said. “There is no allegation that Officer Day benefited economically from this situation, or that he stole handguns or anything of that nature, nor did he help out anyone who was accused of a crime.”

Statement From Mayor Buckley and Police Chief Murray:

“We learned the investigation of the New York State Police has resulted in the arrest of one of our police officers, Jason Day. We recognize the public, understandably, will have questions and/or concerns regarding this development. We ask the community to please recognize our limited ability to provide further details regarding this personnel matter as there is ongoing investigation. We are unable to comment other than to say Mr. Day was placed on leave several weeks ago pending this investigation. We would like to thank the New York State Police for their involvement with this investigation. Please know we take this matter seriously. We have faith in and offer full support to the judicial process and will continue to keep the public informed as we are able.”

Day was named School Resource Officer of the year recently, for his work at Hornell High School. He became an SRO in 2009, taking over for retired Hornell Police Officer Rich Scavo. Approximately one decade ago, Officer Day was dragged when a motorcycle he was attempting to pull over took off and Day was injured badly, in the line of duty, while trying to stop a motorcyclist who was reportedly speeding in a crowded neighborhood area.