Troopers: Watch Out For Scam Artists Who Steal Your Car, During Test Rides

January 4, 2020

WESTERN NY – State Police report that there’s been a car theft scam going on in Livingston County, Wayne County, Monroe County and other counties in the region.
Here’s how the scam works: the scam artists answer an ad you put out for a vehicle you’re selling, they come to your house with another person to buy the car you’re selling, ask to do a test ride, and during the test ride, they ask you to get out of the vehicle (because of supposed problems with the car that they supposedly want you to take a look at.) Then, once you’re out of the car, the scam artist drives off in your vehicle and leaving you standing in the road. Also, if and when possible, they also steal the car you came in (if you drove to this place in another vehicle as well).

State Police say that if you’re going to sell a used car yourself, to make sure the transaction and those involved, are on video that you take.