Two HPD Officers Recognized for Saving Life

April 12th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Two Hornell Police Officers were officially recognized Thursday morning at the Board of Public Safety meeting for saving a man’s life recently.

According Police Captain Mike Sexsmith, on March 23rd at 6pm it was reported to the police that a distraught 20 year old man was standing on the railing of East Main St. Bridge threatening to jump.

Officer’s McHenry and Linehan arrived on the scene and proceeded to wall off the area to traffic and then successfully talked the man back onto the sidewalk where he was then taken to the hospital for evaluation. Sexsmith noted that if the man had jumped, it was a 50 foot plunge to solid concrete below.

Sexsmith stated that the man was upset that he could not get into college because he did not receive the appropriate courses from High School, and that he was unhappy with his current situation. Officers McHenry and Linehan will be receiving an official letter of commendation from the Board of Public Safety for their actions in the near future.

In other HPD news Officer Josh Day will be leaving the Police Dept. after 5 years to join the Steuben County Sheriff’s Dept. The Board planned to interview three candidates this morning for the immediate opening.

Also Mayor John Buckley asked Chief Ted Murray if he has noticed any uptick in drugs use since spring is here. Murray replied that he has seen more activity, but he says it’s probably not weather related but the fact that most people are getting their tax refunds back and have extra cash on hand.

Fire Chief Dan Smith said that Alstom and the IDA will be allowing the Hornell Fire Dept. to train on the old Sunset building before it is eventually torn down. Training will begin next week. Roof Evolution and Search and Rescue operations are just a few of the exercises that will be done.

Smith also reported that Fireman Joe Guthrie has completed Paramedic School. “Joe has done everything we have asked of him,” said Smith, “You couldn’t ask for a better man in the department.”

And finally Smith said since the warm weather is rolling around people should remember that although burning in backyards is allowed, there are regulations on the size of the burns. Fires should be no more that 2’ high and 2’ wide. Also wet wood and construction debris should not be used and if a neighbor complains, we will ask you to put it out.