U.S. Attorneys Office In Buffalo: We’re Not Stalling

January 11, 2021

From U.S. Attorney James P Kennedy:

“Since late Wednesday, my Office has been working around the clock with both the Buffalo and Washington Field Offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to pursue all leads, to gather evidence, and to bring to justice those who committed crimes at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Any suggestion, direct or implied, that there is undue delay, a political purpose, or race-based reason why charges have not yet been filed against any Western New York resident is incorrect, unfounded, and frankly, offensive. I think most people recognize the danger inherent in advocating for a criminal justice system that is more concerned with getting things done quickly than getting them done correctly. As U.S. Attorney, I have refused—and will continue to refuse—to succumb to political pressure or to serve any factional interest. My job is to do my best to get things right and to see to it that the law and justice are the only interests served by me and those who work so hard in this Office.”