Update From Steuben County Emergency Services

December 24, 2022
11am Hour

Steuben County NY Office of Emergency Services reports that conditions have improved this morning. They are lifting the travel advisory, but still recommend caution while traveling today. Some areas are still seeing severe blowing snow from strong winds. Temperatures are in the single digits to below zero and will remain low through the weekend. In addition strong winds will cause dangerously low wind chills. Residents should reduce their exposure and outdoor activities.

Currently there are approximately 1,000 electric customers within the County without power. Electric utilities are working, but the weather has hampered their restoration efforts. Electric restoration will be slow going. It is recommended that if you live in an area without power please check on your elderly and vulnerable neighbors. If you are without electric power and heat make a plan to stay with family or friends. Moving temporarily to a hotel is another option.

Use caution with alternative heating. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep all combustible materials at least three feet from any heat source. Do not use your stove as an alternative heat source. Use flashlights and other battery operated applications for portable lighting. Do not use candles as they are a fire hazard. If using a generator, make sure it is in a well ventilated area. Plug appliances directly into the generator unless you have a transfer switch. You do not want to feed power back into the grid and endanger electrical works. Check outdoor furnace and hot water vents to make sure they are clear from snow and drifts.

If you plan on traveling, call ahead to see if your destination is open. Check statewide travel conditions by calling 511, or visit http://www.511ny.org/

Remember, dial 911 for emergencies only.