Update: Hornellsville Town Hall, Hot Dog and Frank Libordi

Hornellsville Supervisor Says Hot Dog’s 3,066 Pages Requests is Too Much
and Hornellsville Clerk Confronts North Hornell Trustee Libordi

May 13, 2014

HORNELLSVILLE, NY – Hornellsville Town Supervisor Ken Isaman maintains the many pages of Freedom of Information requests for town hall documents from Hornellsville, that are made by Larry Hot Dog Stevens, is overboard. Isaman says it’s been 3066 pages so far, and that Stevens is using FOIL requests to punish the town of Hornellsville.

Isaman 3066 pages May 13 2014 – Video

Also, during the Hornellsville Town Hall meeting on Tuesday evening, Town Clerk Sheryl Isaman became obviously angry with North Hornell Village Trustee Frank Libordi, while Libordi was reading out of a New York State law manual to Ken and Sheryl Isaman.

Libordi at Hornellsville Town Meeting May 13 2014 – Video