Update on Fulton Street Fire

November 8th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Fire Chief Dan Smith came directly from the early morning fire on Fulton Street in the city to update the Board of Public Safety on their progress. He said that unfortunately the house was a total loss.

Smith explained, “We got the call at 5:58 am this morning about a fire in progress. When we showed the fire was well under way in the attic of the residence blowing upwards. Our guys got in and made their way up to the 2nd floor, but on attempting to access the 3rd floor the stairs were burnt out so we had to bridge the floors with ladders. The fire was dangerously close to both adjacent houses, but we managed to redirect the flames as to blow in a neutral direction. Thankfully neither neighboring houses were damaged nor was anybody hurt.”

Smith thanked his fireman for their brave effort, the HPD for assisting in running lines, and also the Canisteo and South Hornell Fire Departments for their contributions. Smith said the location will be monitored throughout the day as there always is a chance it could rekindle.

Smith also announced that he will be retiring November 30th, 2019 after 36 years of service to the department.

Police Chief Ted Murray said his department has been very active lately serving warrants and taking down drug traffickers in the city. Murray said he has a list of officers that were involved in the arrests in recent weeks and will officially acknowledge them at a future public safety meeting. Buckley commented that he was very proud of the police department’s proactive approach and especially Chief Murray for his recent efforts in orchestrating numerous narcotics possession and sales in the city.

And finally code enforcement office Bud Burdette said things are looking prettier in the city now that people that have bought abandoned propertied in the city through the tax sale are starting renovations on them.