Update On The Legislative Maps Courtroom Cases

May 5, 2022

A lawsuit was filed in a federal court to stop the primary from happening in August. That was on Wednesday, and a federal judge threw it out. According to State Senator Tom O’Mara, there was a part of the lawsuit that called for grouping all the congressional seats together, instead of having district lines. O’Mara maintains, that would have, had the judge not thrown the case out, given a lot more power to New York City Dems. “The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee,” O’Mara said, “were trying to get a federal court to say ‘no, you can’t move that primary to August. They also wanted the federal judge to follow some law from the 1950’s out there that says because the state doesn’t have their congressional maps ready in time for the November election, they should run all the congressional seats at once, together at large. That’s so that everyone would be running as candidates together (so it would be one party against another party, not one candidate against another candidate). It’s been nothing short of arrogant and obnoxious.”

As a result of that lawsuit being tossed out of a federal court on Wednesday, it’s likely that Steuben County Judge Pat McAllister will be able to decide, when the primary date will be.