Update On Wellsville Murder Case

August 4, 2020

From Mike Baldwin:

WELLSVILLE – A defense motion to dismiss a murder indictment for one of eight defendants in a grisly Wellsville homicide has been denied by Allegany County Judge Thomas Brown. An attorney for 26-year-old Dylan L. Coomer of Wellsville filed a motion last month, claiming that Coomer was denied the right to testify before a Grand Jury. Coomer and seven others face a bevy of charges related to the murder of a Wellsville man in his Main Street apartment on March 21st. The victim was bludgeoned and tortured and his body, wrapped in garbage bags, was later tossed in the Genesee River. In a three-page ruling, Judge Brown noted that the defense advised the District Attorney’s office that Coomer “was considering” testifying before the Grand Jury. Brown’s ruling said “such a statement is too ambiguous to trigger the People’s responsibilities.” Moreover, Brown said, all communications were via email…which do not comply with the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Law.