Upstate GOP Response, To The Governor’s Mandate For State Workers

July 28, 2021

State Senator George Borrello issued the following statement in response to today’s announcement by Governor Cuomo that he will require state employees to be vaccinated by Labor Day or face weekly testing.

“The Governor’s brazen ultimatum that state workers be vaccinated by Labor Day or face weekly testing is outrageous, unconstitutional and more about muscle-flexing than public health.

“State workers, many of whom were on the front lines helping New York State get through the extraordinary challenges of the pandemic, don’t deserve to be bullied into being vaccinated. Coercing people into taking such a step against their will represents a gross violation of our fundamental freedoms and isn’t supported by the science.

“I hope that the unions representing state workers will stand up against this dictatorial move and support their dues-paying members 100 percent.”