US Attorney Promises Further Investigation of Albany

US Attorney Promises Further Investigation of Albany

It’s hardly a secret that Albany is the center of a great deal of governmental corruption and Gov. Andrew Cuomo even appointed a so called Moreland Commission to look into the situation.

However, that commission has now been disbanded and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York says he is deeply disappointed and plans to do his own investigation into the political corruption in the state capital.

Preet Bharara already has a record for uncovering deep corruption in Albany and he is promising to continue the investigation the so called Moreland Commission failed to undertake. Bharara also has indicated that he will look into what effect if any Cuomo may have had in closing down the Moreland investigation which turned up very little.

Cuomo is dismissing the warnings from Bharara but sources in Albany say the commission appointed by Cuomo was never really serious about nailing top politicians whose names have long been associated with corrupt practices.