Vaccine Editorial By Steuben Co Legislator Paul Van Caeseele

September 23, 2021


Let me begin by stating that when it comes to the vaccine, I am a huge proponent of the idea of “available for all but mandatory for none.” Furthermore, with such a highly contested issue such as this, it is non-American to force people to do questionable things to their body in a country born with freedom as it’s foundation. It is, in fact, an irresponsible fallacy for any individual to imply that there is no possible risk to receiving this vaccine no matter how much of a straight face they say it with.

As the residents of the country continue to suffer from the economic and mental fatigue of COVID, liberal officials keep pushing a fear based narrative for increased control over uninformed US citizens, while exempting the masses of illegal immigrants flooding into the country from those same mandates. All with the empty promise of a fully vaccinated, COVID-free, American utopia. Is there anyone that really thinks that the vaccine is the government’s last excuse to limit freedoms? The evidence that this vaccine is becoming just another tool for cancel culture is growing every day. In fact, they are making it darn near impossible to do anything without this vaccine, including hold a job!

I want to take a second to thank the residents of the county of Steuben County for not falling victim to the latest fad in this socialist arm bending. I think it is important to reiterate that the county legislature, unfortunately, does not have much influence when it comes to resisting the heavy handed demands of the State. I’m not professing that there is no longer any threat of the virus, but I do believe that as long as there is one person who still has COVID there will be people out there who will continue to say that the sky is falling.

New York should be focused on getting people back to work and adapting, with the intent to flourish, in this post-COVID pandemic world. States should be implementing intelligent and realistic management of the virus including providing new-found, reliable therapeutics for quick treatment and reactive response containment programs. These plans should use “shut downs” only as a last resort because “essential” is a relative term and these unproven, constricting regulations stunt and stall economic growth. We are a country that moves forward in the face of adversity. America overcomes unforeseen obstacles with courage and dignity. We should not cower to any force while it deteriorates the integrity of our nation and the future prosperity of our children.

So let me ask you; Is it American to get forced to get an ambiguous vaccine every year in the “Land of the Free” or hide behind a mask for the rest of one’s life in the “The Home of the Brave”?