Valentine Sworn in as 7th Ward Alderman

December 30th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – In probably the last business conducted this year, 7th ward alderman Kevin Valentine was sworn in by city court judge David Coddington Monday evening. Valentine will take over his two year position January 1st, taking over from former 7th ward council member Fred Lehman.

Third ward representative John Allison was also scheduled to be sworn in, but due to the flu he could not make it. Buckley said Allison will be rescheduled sometime later in the week.

Valentine, 38, has been a Steuben County Correctional officer for 15 years and a Hornell native his entire life. He added that he was excited to get to work and start making an impact in the 7th ward, and also in the city.

Many of Valentines family were in attendance including his parents, sister, friends, and son.

Hornell Mayor John Buckley commented, “Being an elected official is an honor. As a Common Council member, you are the go to guy when issues arise in your ward. You are basically the conduit between City Hall and you’re constituents.

Buckley concluded that he is really excited to work with Valentine, and also John Allison, in the upcoming year.