Van Caeseele And Steuben Co Legislature, Recognizes Mayor John Buckley

April 21, 2021

From Steuben Co Lawmaker Paul Van Caeseele:

As the city of Hornell continues to grow, I think it is important to have leaders that understand the value of collaborative efforts with other levels of government. As one of Hornell’s County Legislators, I thought it was important to take a moment to highlight Hornell Mayor Buckley’s extraordinary efforts to work with the county, (not to mention the state), especially regarding this last year’s issues with the pandemic. The Steuben County Manager and the Legislature Chairman have both publicly recognized the city Mayor’s accolades during this pressing time. His cooperative attitude, willingness to take the time, and enthusiasm for his work shows remarkable spirit and should not go unnoticed. He has consistently worked with state and county offices during this difficult situation and has been recently working with the county in organizing and planning the expediting of new vaccination sites in the city of Hornell. I look forward to continuing to work with Mayor Buckley to get this city back on track and help Hornell be an innovative influence in the Southern Tier. So thank you Mr. Mayor, publicly and personally.

Paul Van Caeseele
Hornell Steuben County Legislator