Van Caeseele’s Response To Hogan’s Criticism Of Zeldin

July 14, 2022

HORNELL, NY – Yesterday, Wlea.net published a statement from Steuben County Democrat Chair Shawn Hogan, about Republican candidate for governor Lee Zeldin.

Below is a statement from Hornell Republican Chairman Paul Van Caeseele that Van Caeseele emailed us this morning.

I seriously find it shocking that anyone would try to defend any democrat policy in the present day. I thought about responding to Mr. Hogan’s statements by pointing out all of Governor Hochul’s devastating policy decisions during her short term in office. However, I think the people of the Southern Tier are already savvy. Everyday more and more democrats in this area are voting republican because they see the destructive results of the current administration’s actions. Gas prices are up 60% higher than last year, inflation that is racing to compete with all-time highs, empty shelves, and record-breaking crime. Not to mention the passage of the CLCPA act, which is going to force every NY citizen to convert everything they own that is gas powered into electric by 2035. This will end up costing the average citizen $30,000. Our children are facing serious problems and the democrat’s top priorities are pronouns and making sure men get to compete in women’s sports.

We need to get focused on putting money back in people’s pockets, increasing the safety of our state and nation, and stopping the Democrat radical woke social agenda. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I say to all of the voters in the district, “Let’s take our state back!” Vote Zeldin this November for the most important state election in our lifetime.