Village of Arkport Hires New DPW Head

Logan Sliter

October 16th, 2018

ARKPORT, NY – After receiving 10 applications, and conducting 5 interviews, the Arkport Village Board has finally decided on a replacement for DPW Superintendent for Joe Dwyer. Dwyer’s last day on the job was today, as he has taken a job with a major contractor who currently has an $8.5 million job with the Bath VA.

Arkport resident Logan Sliter will be taking over as he has already been under training for 3 weeks. Sliter, who is 24 and a lifetime resident of Arkport, previously worked construction and has ample knowledge to continue the years’ worth of certification to manage and take complete control of Arkports water system.

Expert water consultant Greg Lundergan will be taking Slither under his wing for training until he completes the required certifications. Lundergran is currently a certified operator for HP Hood and also in charge of water operations for Canaseraga, and was a big contributor to the training of Joe Dwyer.