Village of Canisteo Debating Heroes Banner Program

July 4th, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – The village of Canisteo will soon be debating whether to move forward with a program to place banners along Main Street honoring local veterans.

According to Mayor Monica Recktenwald, the Village Hero’s Banner program would be funded by the individual families and be of no cost to the village. Recktenwald said the banners could be seasonal from May to September or year round, whatever the board decides on.

The program is currently running in the villages of North Hornell, Bath, and Canaseraga just to name a few.

Also in discussion was the future of the village’s old fire truck that has recently been replaced. The board is now considering bartering the truck for services to the local Boces after numerous deals to sell it have fallen through. Boces students would do labor projects around the village in exchange for the truck. “At least we will get something for it,” said the Mayor, “It’s better than just giving it away.”

And finally it was announced that the summer recreation program will be starting July 10th and running until August 18th mornings at the Elementary School. According to Trustee Tim Harkenrider, over 68 kids have signed up and more are expected as the program progresses.