Village of North Hornell Not Happy

May 9, 2017

ARKPORT, NY – Hornellsville town judge Rich Scavo, speaking on behalf of the village of North Hornell Tuesday night, told the Hornellsville town board that the village is not happy with the fact of not being involved in SEQR’s (State Environmental Quality Review) for the Woodlands project, or the Hospital project.

“At this point we are a little concerned about it,” explained Scavo, “we are an interested party.” According to Scavo those projects will greatly increase traffic, and they also currently handle all the sewage north of the village. “We don’t want to throw a monkey wrench into the June 1st plans, but the village should have been included, and they were not.”

Scavo went on to explain that the North Hornell sewage pump stations are currently going on 17 years old, and lack the mesh filtered screening that the city’s plant has, and are not up to the task of taking on all the additional sewage that will be generated through the new projects unless upgrades or replacements are planned.

“I just want to let the town board know that it currently is a big concern of ours, and we are speaking with our council on how to proceed with the matter.” Hornellsville board members listened intently, but had no direct response to Scavo’s accusation.