Vivian Woodworth Becomes Hartsville Deputy Supervisor

Septemebr 15, 2022

HARTSVILLE, NY – Hartsville Town Supervisor Kriste Gerhard has announced that Town Board Member Vivian Woodworth will be taking over for Randy Amidon, as Deputy Supervisor. “Randy Amidon is a very dear friend of mine and he and I talked,” Kriste Gerhard tells Wlea News. “With my recent cancer diagnosis, I needed a little more in depth help on a day to day projects, and so he and I decided it was in our best interest to use somebody who had some more day to day input. Vivian agreed to step up. She’s extremely busy, she’s active in our community and has been on the board for several years, she was the clerk for several years. I feel very confident that Vivian will do the job at the times when I have treatment, and give the town a really good sense of security.”

In other Hartsville news, Supervisor Gerhard says the town board continues to work with the Canisteo Village Fire Dept, on negotitations for the fire dept contract. Also, because the Alfred Town Board is working on solar projects there in Alfred, so Alfred officials wanted to make sure that there were no conflicting projects in Hartsville.