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Walker Metalsmith’s Apprentice Grad, Shows Her Wares In Northern Ireland

June 11, 2023
By Stephen Walker

These days, when learning happens through schools or YouTube videos, an Andover woman has forged her creative education through a traditional workshop apprenticeship. Sydney Gallo began her training as a jewelry designer and goldsmith in 2018. Walker Metalsmiths, a jewelry design studio specializing in Celtic designs, has trained Sydney, and a number of previous jewelers through its in-house apprenticeship program.
Before the Industrial Revolution, an apprentice’s contract would exchange their labor for a period of time in exchange for the master imparting to them the “art and mystery” of the craft. The “art” of this phrase referred to the skills needed to perform the work. The “mystery” was the knowledge of materials, formulas, and trade secrets of the profession. Working and learning under the guidance of owner, Stephen Walker as well as senior jewelers Tom Carter and Lindsey Thurber, Sydney has acquired a strong foundation of skill and knowledge at the jeweler’s bench.

The timing of Sydney’s graduation is such that she has the opportunity to exhibit her thesis project at the International Day of Celtic Art Conference being held June 8 – 10 at the Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. A collection of her work, made to showcase her skill and talent, was exhibited along side artwork from other delegates to the conference from Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man and the United States. Sydney will continue to be employed as a jeweler at Walker Metalsmiths in Andover.

Caption: Jeweler Sydney Gallo with her mentor, Stephen Walker and Irish silversmith Aidan Breen, with an exhibit of her jewelry at the 2nd International Day of Celtic Art Conference at the Saint Patrick Centre, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland.

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