Was It A Tornado That Hit Jasper? Here’s What Our Meteorologist Says

July 19, 2021

It was all over local Facebook pages on Saturday afternoon, that a tornado was going to hit the Jasper area, and afterwards, there was more than one FB page saying that a tornado did hit Jasper that day.

However, was it an actual tornado?

On Saturday afternoon, while all of this was going on, we asked our meteorologist Rob Saint Pierre, to look into this and he could not find anywhere, predictions of a tornado or a confirmation of one. We spoke with Meteorologist Rob Carolan this morning, and here’s what Rob Carolan told Wlea News: “Looking at the data from the Storm Prediction Center over the weekend, I do not see any reports of a tornado in Jasper/Steuben County. The only reports of tornados, was one in New Jersey, and one in southern Kansas over the weekend. There was though, several wind reports across the Steuben County area, so it may have just been wind damage, usually the Severe Storms Prediction Center or a local weather service, will not give a tornado warning for a particular town, it’s usually for a county, so that sounds to me like, people may have seen wind damage, and attributed it to a tornado, but I’m not seeing any confirmation of a tornado, anywhere in western or central New York State, over the weekend.”

Also, meterologist Rob Saint Pierre says, that if the National Weather Service gets enough complaints/calls, they will likely send someone out to Jasper, to do their own investigation.