Watches Issues Statement On The Judge’s Race

October 4, 2017

This was posted on his Facebook Page, this morning:

Statement by Judge Chauncey Watches Regarding the 2017 General Election for Steuben County Surrogate Court Judge

“I’m truly grateful to all of the voters who cast their ballots for me in this year’s Primary Election for Steuben County Surrogate Court Judge. I’m proud to have earned victories on the Conservative and Independence lines, and to have previously earned the Reform Party ballot line through the petition process.
“I am truly thankful for the time and hard work that were contributed to this campaign by friends too numerous to mention.
“In the days following the absentee ballot count, I have sought opinions and counsel from inside and outside the political world. After working so hard at the campaign, I want to make sure that my decision is correct for me, my family and supporters.”
“I’ve reviewed the numbers in detail with my consultants and, given the history of elections here in Steuben County, I don’t see a path to victory in November without my name appearing on the Republican ballot line. Therefore, I am immediately suspending my campaign for Surrogate Court Judge. While there is no legal mechanism for my name to be removed from the ballot, I will no longer be actively campaigning for this position.
“As a sitting judge, I am not permitted to endorse another candidate for any elected position. I’ve known Pat McAllister as a friend for a long time and I wish him well.”