Who Is Setting Alfred Area US Mailboxes On Fire?

February 28, 2023

ALLEGANY COUNTY, NY – “Well Sunday night we had a couple mailboxes that were (burned),” Alfred PD Chief Paul Griffith tells WLEA News. “One was set on fire, one was almost set on fire, these are the blue mailboxes that are outside of the post offices. The one that someone attempted to set on fire, had a sticky mousetrap with a string attached to it, so we assume that someone was fishing for mail. Those are the only mailboxes that have been tampered with that we know about, right at the moment. The one at the Alfred Village Post Office, the fire dept. had to come put it out, so if anyone has mailed a letter in the last couple of days, they might want to check with the postmaster,” Griffith said. “Right now we are investigating it and we do have a couple leads, and hopefully we will have a resolution in the near future.”